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11 Team Building Activities To Unleash Your Employees Potential

Having team building activities, may or may not excite your whole team. In all honesty, it should be fun and creative to get your team connected and work together, or not it will be–just another corporate team building.

But if you are up for it, here are 11 team building activities for your team to try.

Let’s start here.

Team Building Activities

1. What Makes Us The Same?

You can always start your game with a personality test. These activities will require your teammates to understand what makes them the same and what makes them different from one another.

team building activities

Explore each other’s strengths, weaknesses and plan how these personalities can clash and bring the best out of them.

In a group, take a personality test, maybe from  DISC personality test or  True Colors personality test. Discuss their personalities so in future.

If your teammates are facing some conflicts, you can always take note that someone in the team might deal with the problems differently.

“I’m an orange so I don’t like doing this”

“Well, as a purple I would suggest we do this..”

Can you see how effective this personality test can help your teammates understand each other and nobody can get left out?


Knowing what motivates and demotivates a person can be a powerful tool to understand how each person works best. They can learn to approach conflicts differently to excel their work and personal interaction.

2. I Can’t See

team building activities

Divide your team into a duo, make them sit but not face each other. 

One person will have a picture and the other will have a blank piece of paper with a pen. The person with the picture will have to describe the picture for their teammates to draw without showing it.

But, they must not be explicit of how the picture would be, use other adjectives or directions. Set a time for the game to end and let them see how the pictures turn out.


This team building activity for corporate has advantages on effective communication and language. The picture that the other person must draw will reveal how he or she interprets the message and instructions given.

3. Scavenger Hunt

team building activities

Break your team into two or more. Make some weird, wacky and adventurous tasks for each team to do in their groups. 

You can make them take a selfie with strangers, change the lightbulb or do whatever that you can with anything that you have in the office. 

Give them the list and set a deadline to finish the tasks. This can be an indoor team building activity that you can do while you’re having an outing and even in the office.

Whichever team completes the tasks the quickest wins.


What other bonding activities that they can help your teammates understand each other in a conflict? Add some difficulties for each team member. Let them have a discussion together on how to finish the tasks faster by cooperating with each other.

4. Is This Possible?

team building activities

This is just a short game but sure will challenge your teammates. Give one object to one person in a group, the other person must demonstrate what’s the use of that object. 

The other team members must guess what the object is based on how the demonstrator demonstrates. The demonstrator can’t say a word, but the demonstrations must be original, creative and possible.


You can see how your teammates are actually creative by seeing how they use an object. Understand each others’ creativity by knowing how to demonstrate and guessing the right object with their own interpretations.

5. Three Truths And One Lie

team building activities

Give the one person in a group 4 slips of paper, then instruct the person to write three truths and one lie about him/herself. 

The lie should be believable. Make the person tell their team members about the four statements and ask them to guess which one of the statements is a lie. This game can have a few rounds by making everyone guess everyone’s statements.


This activity can make their teammates get to know each other by getting to know interesting things that might or might not happen.

6. Show and Tell

team building activities

Have you ever played a game in schools where you brought anything to your class and told your classmates about that object?

This game is basically the same. If you want to start the game immediately, you can just start the game by making use of what you have. 

If you want something more meaningful, ask your teammates to bring anything to present the next day.


A lot of people get excited to tell other interesting things about themselves. With this, the office mates can understand the outside life that their friends have. By giving them the centre stage to explain their interesting objects, they can also boost their confidence to speak in front of a crowd.

7. Two Sides Of The Story

team building activities

This game requires a lot of critical thinking as the players need to tell a negative story that happens in his/her life and the others try to retell the story in a positive way.

For example Player A had a bad day at work because the car broke down so he/she had to to take public transport.

The other players can twist Player A’s story to make him/her see the positive of the story, by saying “Did you know that by taking public transport you are actually avoiding the traffic jam and being more eco friendly?”

Focus on the positive side of the story, and make Player A see the silver lining of the experience.


This activity can help anyone to see the problems that they face in more positive ways. Negativity can demotivate anyone but if they switch the view to be more positive, he/she can try to solve the problems rather than running away from them.

8. Pop The Questions

team building activities

This game will make your teammates be the judge of how the others are answering the questions.

Divide the group into 3-4. Make them write down any questions that they have in a piece of paper, put the paper into the balloons. One paper for one balloon. After everyone has finished, make them sit as an audience.

Choose the turns of everyone to pop the balloon. The person will choose, pop and answer the question from the balloon.

If he/she answers the questions according to what the audience wants he/she will earn one point for the group.


Not only do you have to answer any unexpected questions, but you also have to satisfy the audience’s expectations when answering the questions. This activity will make you rethink what’s the best answers for the questions and understand what the audience wants.

9. Who Am I?

team building activities

On a tag or a piece of paper, write down a famous person (like Gandhi or Siti Nurhaliza) or any professions (ex: a doctor, an engineer, etc). Paste the piece of paper on a team member’s back so he/she can’t see it. 

Set a time for this team member to mingle around to get a guest of who he/she is. The others can answer and treat the team member according to their tag.


Stereotypes aren’t fun. Everyone can see how we treat each other with these stereotypes. They can get a better sense of how we see people depending on their standards. 

10. That’s Not It, Or Was It?

team building activities

This is the classic game to get your teammates confused. Make your members stand in a straight line. The person from behind will receive instructions on how to act a certain activity for example: mowing grass, watering plants, etc.

Then he/she should tap the person in front, and try to act the activity and the person in front will do the same until it reaches the last person and he/she will tell the instructor what the activity is.


See how your teammates interpret the messages and look if they got the message correct to tell the instructors. This activity will tell them how to follow instructions better.

11. Our Timeline Is Our Story

team building activities

On a bulletin board, create a blank timeline. It should start as far as the oldest member on your team was born or when the company was founded. 

Then by using narrow strips of paper, write down important dates for the company (e.g. founded, merged, changed names, incorporated, new product) and pin it to the correct spot on the timeline.

Give the team members four slips of paper and ask them to mark down four important moments in their life with that timeline.


See how the company has progressed over the year, every milestone, and experiences of your team. It will make everyone talk about cultural differences and generational differences. A golden opportunity for team members to learn more about each other.


So what other team building activities for companies that you have in mind? Indoor team building activities, or outdoor, you can always try to get your teammates going with these activities.

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team building activities

team building activities

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