Elite Essential, an HRDF registered training provider, is one of Malaysia’s top corporate training and team building service providers that has served over hundreds of companies and thousands of participants, locally and internationally (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam). Elite Essential believes in a fun learning with highly customized content and various engaging activities to maximize the learning of participants from various professional backgrounds and needs as the training provider Malaysia. We pride ourselves in providing the best training courses delivered by our high calibre trainers with a minimum of 10 years of experience. Elite Essential offers corporate training programs that focus on professional development. The training programs are designed to enrich the individual learning experience and enhance skill development that is the key to the continuous improvement of work performance and efficiency within the organization.


Our training list includes but not limited to the following programs. You are welcome to contact us should the program that you are looking for is not listed here. Contact us to request for proposal now!

1. Aspire Secretaries: Be Inspired, Learn & Grow

2. Becoming a 360-Degree Secretary

3. Business Writing Skills for Secretaries

4. Clerical Development & Administrative Skills

5. Enhancing Critical Administrative Skills

6. Management Skills for Secretaries & Administrative Professionals

7. Managing Up by Handling Your Bosses

8. Secretaries Conference

9. Secretaries Excellence Master Class – Be a Better You

1. Building Effective Interpersonal Skills: A Key to Workplace Success

2. Business Communication & Presentation (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

3. Business English for Frontliners

4. Business Writing Skills: Email, Official Letter, Memo & Meeting Minutes

5. Business Writing Skills: Report & Proposal Writing Skills

6. Business Writing Skills for Leaders & Managers for Influence & Impact

7. Communicating & Connecting with Professionalism: Confidence, Charisma, Chemistry

8. Dealing with Difficult People

9. Effective Filing & Record Management Skills

10. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at Work

11. Enhancing Communication & Relationship in the Workplace

12. English is Easy! Speak & Write with Confidence

13. Facilitation Skills: How to Get People to Share Ideas

14. Inspirational Presentation Skills for Leaders & Managers

15. Listening and Questioning Skills for Effective Communication

16. Managing Meeting Effectively

17. Negotiating from a Practical Perspective to Achieve a Win-Win Outcome

18. Persuasion & Influencing Skills for Leaders & Managers

19. Power Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint

20. Powerful Presentations: Designing & Delivering Impactful Presentations

21. Professional Telephone & Email Etiquette

22. Psychology of Influencing and Negotiation Using NLP

23. Public Speaking

24. Star Negotiator: Best Practices Applied to Your Negotiations

25. Storytelling: A Powerful Tool to Inspire and Influence

26. Strategic Negotiation for Effective Results

27. The Colored Brain Communicator

1. Be Your Company's Brand Ambassador

2. Brand You – Discover, Design & Define Your Professional Presence & Personal Branding

3. Branding Leaders for Success

4. Enhancing Corporate and Professional Image

5. Event Management Workshop

6. Integrated Public Relations & Corporate Communication Strategies

7. Managing Media Relations for Organizational Success

8. Professional Grooming & Business Etiquette

9. Projecting Professionalism by Mastering Protocol Skills and Building Personal Identity

10. Reflecting Your Best by Enhanced Protocol Skills and Professional Presence

11. Thought Leadership & Personal Branding

  1. Becoming a Service Pro
  2. Building Remarkable Customer Experience
  3. Customer Service for Directors & Leaders (Advanced Level)
  4. Customer Service by NLP
  5. Customer's Mindset – Delivering Quality Customer Service
  6. Enhancing Customer Service and Customer Relationships
  7. Handling Difficult Customers & Resolving Complaints
  8. Impressing Customers at First Sight and Retaining Them
  9. Managing Upset Customers & Handling Complaints
  10. The EQ Way to Customer Service: The Heart of Service Excellence

  1. Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills
  2. Do You Want to be Creative?
  3. Driving a Culture & Practice of Innovation
  4. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats Methods®
  5. Enhancing Creativity & Innovation in the Workplace
  6. Kaizen – Continuous Improvement for Sustainable Excellence
  7. Lean & Six Sigma Awareness Program
  8. Leading Innovation in Governance and Leadership
  9. Lego® Serious Play®: Unleashing Creativity and Problem Solving
  10. Lego® Serious Play®: Strategic Thinking, Planning & Implementation
  11. Making Wise Decisions
  12. Think Smart at Work: Creative Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making
  13. Thinking Out of the Box
  14. Tony Buzan: Good Thinking & Mental Toughness
  15. Tony Buzan: Mind Maps®
  16. Solving Complex Problems: A System Thinking Approach
  17. Strategic Thinking, Planning & Implementation
  18. Strategic Visioning for Innovation & Transformation: Envision, Enable, Evolve
  19. Translating Strategic Plans into Desirable Results

  1. Bengkel Kumpulan Inovatif dan Kreatif KIK
  2. Ke Arah Budaya Kerja Cemerlang & Motivasi Diri
  3. Kecemerlangan Individu & Kerjaya Berlandaskan Islam
  4. Kecemerlangan Pembentukan Imej Korporat
  5. Kecemerlangan Pengurusan Professional
  6. Kecemerlangan Profesionalisma Setiausaha
  7. Kepimpinan Transformatif dan Pengurusan Organisasi
  8. Komunikasi, Etiket Sosial, Protokol & Keterampilan Diri
  9. Komunikasi Berkesan di Tempat Kerja
  10. Kursus Bahasa
  11. Kursus Tadbir Urus Diri Cemerlang
  12. Motivasi dan Kecemerlangan Diri Pemandu Berhemah
  13. Pemantapan Pentadbiran Pejabat
  14. Pembinaan Pasukan Kerja yang Cemerlang
  15. Pemikiran Kreativiti & Penyelesaian Masalah di Tempat Kerja
  16. Pengucapan Awam
  17. Pengurusan Fail dan Rekod yang Berkesan
  18. Pengurusan Masa & Stres
  19. Pengurusan Perubahan Organisasi
  20. Pengurusan Strategik dan Perancangan Scenario
  21. Penulisan Laporan & Kertas Cadangan
  22. Penulisan Surat Rasmi, Memo, E-Mel, Minit Mesyuarat
  23. Penulisan Teks Ucapan & Pengacaraan Majlis
  24. Penyeliaan dan Kepimpinan Berkesan
  25. Perkhidmatan Kaunter Cemerlang
  26. Perkhidmatan Pelanggan dan Kaunter Berkualiti
  27. Pra Persaraan
  28. Transformasi Kecemerlangan Pembantu Tadbir & Kumpulan Sokongan
  29. Program Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik (PTD)
  30. Transformasi Pesonaliti Positif Transformasi Prestasi

1. 5-Day Mini MBA

2. 8 Critical Skills in Leadership

3. Accelerate Leadership Development: Mindset, Competencies, Behaviours, Style

4. Assertiveness Skills for Leaders & Managers

5. Becoming an Influential & Engaging Leader

6. Building Future Leaders: Visions, Strategies, Practices, Insights

7. Building Successful Women Leaders

8. Change Management – Inspired by “Who Moved My Cheese”

9. Charismatic Influence & Leadership

10. Coaching and Mentoring Skills

11. Essential Management Skills for First Time Managers

12. Essential Supervisory Skills for First Time Supervisors

13. Foundation of Leadership

14. High Impact Leadership

15. How Leaders Lead – A leader’s GPS

16. Inspiring Leaders through Creative Encounters

17. Leaders Seeing the Big Picture

18. Leaders’ Retreat with Team Building Element: Rethink the Way You Lead

19. Leaders Who Serve

20. Leadership: Simple & Pure

21. Leadership with Results

22. Leading with Emotional Intelligence

23. Leading with Strengths: Great Leaders Inspire Results

24. Learning from the East and West: Thoughts of the Greatest Leaders of All Times

25. Mastering Success: What We Can Learn from Great Leaders

26. Modern Day Leadership

27. New Manager Milestone Workshop

28. Now Everyone Can Lead

29. Practical Management Skills for Executives

30. Productivity Leadership: Learning to Lead Sustainably and Positively

31. Positive Power & Influence for Leaders & Managers

32. Professional Managerial Development Programme

33. Putting Islamic into Leadership & Management

34. Taking Leaders to the Next Level

35. Taking Supervisors to the Next Level

36. The Blue Ocean Strategy

37. The Future Leadership: Building Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s World

38. The New Leadership Paradigm: Lead, Motivate, Transform & Change

39. The Power of Dynamic Leadership in Maximizing Organizational Performance

40. Thought Leadership & Personal Branding for Leaders

41. Transformational Leadership

42. Visionary Leaders: Moving from Good to Great

1. Coaching for Greater Sales Performance

2. Developing Effective Marketing Strategies & Plans

3. Digital Marketing: 5 Steps to Improve Business Profit

4. High Impact Selling Skills

5. High Impact Sales Closing Skills

6. How to Get Your Customers to Keep Coming Back

7. Marketing for New and Non-Marketers

8. Professional Telemarketing Skills for Excellence

9. Strategic Marketing & Analytical Skills

10. Successful Negotiation Skills for Sales

11. Strategic & Creative Marketing

12. Strategic Key Account Management

13. Strategic Marketing Management: Seeking New Niche Market

14. The Sales Pro in You

1. Balanced Scorecard & Monitoring Performance

2. Business Acumen Skills for Managers

3. Business Continuity Plan

4. Effective Budgeting

5. Finance for Non-Financial Executives & Professionals

6. Key Business and Financial Concepts

7. KPI Development & Writing Programme

1. Behavioural Based Interviewing Skills

2. Best Fitting for the Best Talent (Recruitment, Interview, Selection)

3. Competency Based Talent Acquisition & Retention

4. Discipline at Work

5. Effective Interviewing Skills

6. HR for Non-HR Executive & Professionals

7. Managing Absenteeism

8. Managing Poor Performers

9. Performance Appraisal and Evaluation

10. Setting KPI & Managing Performance Appraisal

11. Sexual Harassment & Other Misconducts

12. SOP Writing Workshop

13. Understanding Candidate Profiling (DiSC)

14. Understanding Candidate Profiling (MBTI)

1. Creative, Engaging & Productive Training Techniques that Work

2. Enhancing Teaching to the New Generation

3. Monitoring & Measuring Training Effectiveness

4. The Making of Enjoyable Learning

5. Train the Trainer (TTT)

6. Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

1. Connecting Generations at the Workplace

2. Corporate Culture Change Management

3. Cross Cultural Skills

4. Delegating for Maximum Results

5. Diversity & Inclusion: Connecting Individuals, Embracing Diversity

6. Effective People Management Skills

7. Handling Difficult People at Work

8. High Performance Leaders – A People Perspective

9. Managing All Generations at Work

10. Managing Conflicts and Resolutions

11. Managing Negative Sentiments in Public Engagement

12. Relationship Management at Work

13. Working Effectively with All Personality Types

14. The Art of Managing People

1. Beyond the Limits: Highly Effective People in Action

2. Bringing Passion to Work and Life

3. Building Unshakable Confidence through Self-Empowerment

4. Building Unshakable Confidence through Self-Hypnosis

5. Developing Essential Skills at Work

6. Emotional Intelligence: Quantum Leap to Success

7. Leading with Success Mindset

8. Mastering Personal Effectiveness and Emotional Competence

9. Managing Multiple Tasks and Work Priorities

10. Motivational & Personal Effectiveness

11. Navigating Politics in the Workplace

12. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) at Work (Basic & Advanced Level)

13. Organizing Yourself for Maximum Effectiveness

14. Passionholic: Making Things Happen

15. Power Personality

16. Productive Time & Stress Management

17. Self-Empowerment: Attitude, Interpersonal Skills, Social Competencies & Motivation

18. Self-Management for Peak Performance: EQ, Time & Stress Management

19. The Complete Guide to Positive Power

20. The Executive Intelligence: Intellectual, Emotional, Social

21. Think Big: You are What You Think

22. Women Empowerment: You are the Pearls of Wisdom

1. Crisis Management & Resolution

2. Fundamentals of Project Management

3. Managing Multiple Projects, Priorities, Decision Making & Problem Solving

4. Project Leadership, Management & Communications

5. Project Management (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

6. Risk Management

1. 5S Principles & Implementation

2. Failure Mode Effect Analysis

3. First Aid & CPR (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)

4. Health & Safety Workshop

5. Introduction to Office Kaizen

6. Introduction to Six Sigma

7. ISO 14001:2004 EMS Awareness Program

8. ISO 9001:2000 Awareness Program

9. ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Awareness

10. ISO 9001:2008 Internal Quality Audit

11. Kaizen & Continuous Improvement

12. Lean Manufacturing & Production

13. Process Improvement by Poka Yoke

14. Production Planning & Control Workshop

15. Quality Awareness Training Programme

16. Supply Chain Management Workshop

17. Total Quality Management (TQM) Workshop

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